Agave center stripA native of southern Texas south to Mexico, center-strip agave is also known as thorncrest century plant. It is a slow growing evergreen succulent with leaves seven inches long and two inches wide forming a rosette twelve inches high and up to twenty four inches wide. The cultivar, ‘Splendida’, developed in South Carolina, features conspicuous white teeth along the margins of the leaf and an especially attractive broad center band that can be seen on both upper and lower surfaces. Like other agaves, ‘Splendida’ when mature produces a single stalk up to twelve feet tall that bears numerous greenish yellow flowers with long stamens. After blooming the plant dies but pups growing around the central rosette of leaves will take its place. The thorns on the plant are very sharp and gloves should be worn when working around it.

Type: Tender perennial

Bloom: Yellowish-green flowers are borne on stalks up to 12 feet tall once in the plant’s life time in late spring to early summer.

Size: 12” H x 12-24” W (flowering stalk 12’ tall)

Light: Full sun to part shade

Soil: Average, dry, very well-drained

Care: Grows well without fertilizer but can be fed a slow release fertilizer to encourage a rich look.

Hardiness: Zones 7-10

Pests and Diseases: Over-watering can result in root rot.

Propagation: Division of pups from mother plant

Companion Plants: Cactus, succulents

By Karen