Whether you want to make pie or a flower arrangement, the Cinderella pumpkin is a good choice. It gets its name from its resemblance to the carriage that Cinderella’s fairy godmother created from a pumpkin for her ride to the ball. In France they call it Rouge vif d’Etampes because of its bright orange-red color. Regardless of its name, it’s a flat shaped pumpkin with deep ribs and moderately sweet, orange flesh. The average size is about 15” across and 6” high but smaller ones are also available. In rich soil with plentiful water pumpkins can weigh 25 pounds. This heirloom pumpkin has been grown in the heart of France for over a hundred years and grows best in cooler climates in the U.S.

Days to Harvest: 110-150

Planting Date: After the last frost and when soil temperature is between 65-80; in peat pots 2-3 weeks before last frost for earlier crop.

Spacing: Plant ½ – 1” deep, 3-5” apart

Germination:5-7 days

Size: Fruits can be up to 25 poounds

Light: Full sun

Water: Keep evenly moist

Soil: Rich, moist, well-drained

Fertilizer: Feed twice with a balanced fertilizer before the vines get too thick for fertilizer to reach the roots.

Care: Harvest before first heavy frost when pumpkin turns orange-red and the skin becomes tough. Leave 3-4’ on stem on the fruit.

Pests and Diseases: Vine borers, late season mildew.

Suitability for containers: No (vines need a lot of room)

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By Karen