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Plant Profile: Rose ‘Mme. Plantier’

Mme PLANTIERThe many petaled flowers are borne in clusters of five to twenty flowers and are at first pink before fading to white. The petals are often arranged around a small central green eye. The bushes are very vigorous and can be grown free standing but are more suitable for growing on a pillar. The slender arching canes are almost thornless and carry small pale green leaves. Although ‘Mme. Plantier is believed to be derived from a cross with a Noisette its hardiness is exceptional and, in fact, it needs a cool winter for best flowering.

Type: Alba-Noisette

Origin: Plantier, France, 1835

Parentage: Uncertain

Flower Size: 2.8”

Petal Count: Very double; up to 150 petals

Scent: Strong, musky

Flowering: Once only

Plant Size: 5-12’ H x 5-8’ W

Hardiness: Zones 4-9

ARS: 8.9

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