rose Mutabilis 2With a name that suggests its uniqueness, ‘Mutabilis’, meaning “changing”, has flowers that start out light yellow and turn orange, pink and finally crimson. At any given time flowers of all colors may be seen on a single bush. The petals are arranged so that the flowers resemble butterflies to some. The flowers are borne in clusters beginning in the spring and continuing all summer until frost. The bushes are tall and may be grown as a climber. The reddish stems are prickly and carry leaves that are crimson before turning bronzy dark green. ‘Mutabilis’ has been designated as a Earth-Kind rose and needs very little water, fertilizer, spraying and care once established. Light pruning every year and thinning every three to four years is sufficient.

Type: China

Origin: Italy, before 1900

Parentage: Uncertain

Flower Size: 2.4”

Petal Count: Single

Scent: Light

Flowering: Continuous

Plant Size: 6’ H x 3-6’ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-9

ARS: 8.8

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By Karen