Cytisus-praecox-Warminster BroomThis deciduous shrub provides year round interest in the garden. Pale yellow pea-like flowers are fragrant and cover the bushes for a showy display in late spring to early summer. The evergreen stems bear small sparse leaves and provide medium fine texture and winter interest. Warminster broom grows quickly to five feet tall and has arching shoots that add a graceful appearance. It tolerates drought, air pollution and dry, infertile, poor soil so can be used in difficult areas such as slopes and banks as well as in borders and beds.

Type: Deciduous flowering shrub

Cytisus x praecox Warminster Broom stemsOutstanding Features: Floral display; evergreen stems

Form: Upright with arching branches.

Growth Rate: Rapid

Bloom: Pale yellow fragrant flowers in late spring to early summer

Size: 5-6’ H x 5” W

Cytisus x praecox Warminster Broom flLight: Full sun to partial sun

Soil: Poor, well-drained, slightly acidic

Hardiness: Zones 6-8

Care: Pinch growing tips of young plants to encourage bushiness; remove flowering stems after bloom to open up the plant and encourage new growth from below.

Pests and Diseases: Generally pest and disease free

Propagation: Cuttings in late summer.

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By Karen