Well known to gin drinkers, juniper berries  are not true berries but the cones of Juniperus communis and made up of fleshy scales.  They have a distinctive flavor and are used as a spice in many dishes in European cuisines ranging from cakes and candies to venison and ceviche.  My paternal grandmother, Helen S. Wright, included a recipe for juniper-berry wine in her book, Old Time Recipes for Home made wine.  A modern recipe aailable on the Internet is recommended for treating a variety of ills but Grandmother’s was more for nipping.

Here is the recipe in the words of my grandmother:

Take four and one-half gallons of cold soft water, seven pounds Malaga or Smyrna raisins, two and one-quarter quarts juniper-berries, one-half ounce red tartar, one-half handful wormwood, one-half handful sweet marjoram, one pint whiskey or more.  Ferment for ten or twelve days.

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By Karen