My paternal grandmother, Helen S. Write includes several recipes for gooseberry wine in her book, Old Time Recipes for Homemade Wines, published in 1909. Most of the recipes Grandmother titled just “goosebery wine” and does not specify the kind of gooseberry used in the recipe. For other she specifies white or red gooseberry and names the wines accordingly. Although this recipe is called “pearl goosberry wine” it is not clear whether the term applies to the gooseberries or only the wine. In addition, most of Grandmother’s recipes include water but this one does not. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Here is the recipe for pearl gooseberry wine in the words of my grandmother:

Take as many as you please of the best gooseberries, bruise them, and let them stand all night. The next morning press or squeeze them out and let the liquor stand to settle seven or eight hours; then pour off the clear from the settling, and measure it as you put it into your vessel, adding to every three pints of liquor one pound of double refined sugar. Break your sugar into fine lumps, and put it in the vessel with a bit of isinglass, stop it up, and at three months’ end bottle it out, putting into every bottle a lump of double refine sugar. This is the fine gooseberry wine.

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