sweet pottoYou don’t recommend sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, right? Many American families all over the United States, but especially in the South, have a sweet potato side on the holiday table, often with tons of brown sugar, nuts and marshmallows. But there are lots of other ways to serve sweet potatoes and only some of them are casseroles. If you are tired of the same old sweet potatoes that are traditionally served, branch out and try something different.

Consider the following possibilities for a new type of sweet potato side:

    Chipotle and sweet potato
    Apples and sweet potato
    Chanterelle mushrooms, fontina cheese and sweet potato
    Sweet Potato Noodle Kugel
    Roasted beets and sweet potatoes
    Quinoa with sweet potato ad mushrooms
    Sweet potato latkes
    Oyster, sausage, and sweet potato dressing
    Baked sweet potato falafel
    Caribbean couscous

Perhaps you want to include a soup like:

    Sweet potato and ginger
    Curried carrots and sweet potato
    Carrot, apple, red lentil and sweet potato
    Spicy sweet potato and coconut
    Peanuts and sweet potato
    Roasted sweet potato and corn chowder
    Black bean,sauage,and sweet potato
    Ham and sweet potato

Or a salad…

    Spinach and roast sweet potato with balsamic dressing
    Green beans, boiled sweet potato with magno chutny and cilantro
    Caribbean sweet potato salad
    Rocket and sweet potato
    Black bean and sweet potato

If none of these work for you how about including sweet potatoes as a dessert?

    Sweet potato pie
    Sweet potato pound cake
    Sweet potato cheesecake
    Sweet potato cookies or brownies

You can start out the dinner with:

    Sweet potato hummus
    Sweet potato chips

Or start out the whole day with:

    Sweet potato pancakes
    Sweet potato waffles
    Sweet potato breakfast casserole
    Sweet potato banana smoothie

All of the recipes listed above can be found online with a quick Google search.

By Karen