A greener llifeThe appeal of producing your own food has never been more popular in recent times and is still on the rise. In their book, A Greener Life, authors Clarissa Wright and Johnny Scott share their insight into living in a more self sufficient way. They show that healthy organic living is within the reach of most people and that a large lot is not necessary for a more natural and harmonious way of life.

The authors’ approach is practical and straightforward hitting the highlights of a myriad of subjects from growing your own vegetables and raising livestock, to preserving food and making your own soap and using althernative energy sources and natural paint. You can learn about the best breeds of pigs to raise, what companion plants to use with your vegetable crops vegetables, and how to get started crocheting, kniting, and weaving. As a well known cook, Wright includes many recipes as well as directions for the smoking, potting and salting of food for preservation. Cooking tips are included such as how to upsize a cake recipe, what kind of milk is best for yogurt, and why the crust of a new batch of bread lifted during baking. Directions are also given for the making of beer, wine, and vinegar. Just in case you live in the country and can hunt and forage directions are included for using wild food including gutting and skinning a rabbit and collecting wild mushrooms.

A Greener Life contains plenty of material to inspire a reader to consider a new life style but don’t expect a checklist of how to do so. The book points out the benefits of living in a more self-sufficient way and gives suggestions for achieving it but only sometimes notes the difficulties that may be encountered. For anyone contemplating how to achieve the good life by healthier living, A Green Life, offers a good read.

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By Karen