About Reptiles SillKids love finding a turtle in the garden but what about a snake? Cathryn Sill’s book About Reptiles, show young readers that turtles and snakes as well as alligators and lizards all have certain characteristics in common and are part of the same group called reptiles. Written for young elementary students up to grade 2, the book provides an introduction to the subject as well as a close look at fifteen different reptiles.

Each two page spread consists of a simple sentence about reptiles and a large picture showing a specific reptile in its environment. For example, a picture of loggerhead turtles rushing to the beach is accompanied by the text, “Young reptiles care of themselves as soon as they hatch.” Additional information is given about the various reptiles in an Afterward. We learn that “horned toads” are actually lizards, box turtles can live to be over 100 years old, and that collared lizards can run on their back legs. Topic covered include locomotion, food getting, reproduction, and defense against predators. This book is a great choice for interesting young children in reptiles and developing a respect for these important animals.

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By Karen