Are you concerned about Big Pharma and the rising cost of medicines, dangerous side effects, false advertising, and addiction? If so, Josh Axe’s book, Ancient Remedies, may be of interest to you. Drawing from traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Greek, and Middle Eastern medicine, the author presents a holistic approach to gaining and maintaining good health and well being without the use of costly drugs with their side effects. Suggestions are included for changes in life style, exercise, diet, and the use of essential oils, CBD, and herbs to achieve wellness.

Axe begins by showing how Big Pharma took over our medical system by putting profits over people’s health and explains the basics of the ancient approach the curing disease. He proceeds with a discussion of the ancient role of herbs, spices, food, essential oils, lifestyle, and exercise to treat various ailments. After a consideration of the 5 organ systems of traditional medicine, Axe presents prescriptions and remedies for over 70 conditions. The entries are arranged alphabetically by condition beginning with acid reflux and ending with warts and include such problems as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, immune system weakness, osteoporosis, and depression. Each entry covers a full page and includes of a brief description of the symptoms, the ancient perspective/causes of the condition, foods that make the condition better or worse, the top 5 ancient prescriptions, and suggestions for other remedies and the use of essential oils. The final section of the book provides recipes that aim to prevent disease and promote good health according to ancient precepts. The recipes are organized by role (beverages, soups, salads, etc.) and include servings, diet type (vegan, gluten free, paleo etc) total preparation time, a list of ingredients and step by step directions presented in paragraph form. Some of the notable entries include tumeric golden milk, mushroom and kale frittata, and ancient grains bowl.

Ancient remedies is a fascinating read especially if you are concerned about the growing power and influence of  pharmaceutical companies in managing health care. The book does not diagnose problems but once a doctor has done so, the book can present valuable options for treatment. In addition, it can help prevent the development of problems. Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS ( Phd. in natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic, and clinical nurse specialist) is very active in the movement towards natural-health and has written magazine articles and several other books on similar topics.

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