John Holl’s book, Drink Beer, Think Beer, is a guide to experiencing beer in a whole new way. Holl discusses the history, ingredients, flavors, brewing process, marketing, unfair business policies, and consumption practices, which encourages critical thinking and new ways of appreciating beer. With a focus on modern craft beers, the author describes the rise of these beers, the problems that have resulted, and the changes to be faced in the future.

As Holl guides the reader through the world of beer, he reveals many facts about the industry that are informative and sometimes startling. For example, the chapter on drinking at the bar includes the mention of the Randal that is used to fuse beer with food [like coffee, herbs, fruit, or pepper] and in his discussion of the ingredients in beer he mentions some bizarre ones that are included for their shock value, like Rocky Mountain oysters, smoked animal poop, and grilled beef hearts. When he considers the names of breweries he notes that some are sexist, like Panty Peeler, even though the owners of the brewery are female, while others names are down right crude, like The Brown Note. In addition, Holl gives tips for tasting and evaluating the quality of beer, and makes recommendation for the best way to enjoy the brew. Yes, John Holl has extensive experience with all aspects of beer and beer drinking and he shares his expertise with a lively sprinkling of personal anecdotes. He writes in a chatty, personable style but also packs in a lot of facts and information with his opinions. A great read even if you don’t like beer; but after reading Drink Beer, Think Beer, even the tea- teetotalers , wine lovers and cocktails enthusiasts will have second thoughts.

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