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Book Review: And Then the Seed Grew

Marianne Dubuc book And Then the Seed Grew explores how a community of characters that live in a garden react to change.  The community includes Mr. Gnome and his little son Jack who lived above ground, Yvonne the mole, the Field Mouse family, Paulie the earthworm, and Colette the ant who all live below ground.  Life is good and they are content until a seed drops from the sky and begins to grow.  No one notices at first but slowly the roots of the plant begin to cause problems like a crack in Yvonne’s bathroom, filling the living space of the Field Mouse house, and blocking the tunnels of Pauli and Colette.  Even poor Mr. Gnome and his son are trapped in their house by the many branches and lush branches that grow from the plant.  The residents of the garden get together and decided to take action, each with an assigned job, but just as they are about to begin they see that the plant has borne fruit and everyone sees the plant in a new light and learn to live harmoniously with it. The story is very endearing and the cute illustrations make the story irresistible.  The underground homes of the animals are full of charming details that catch the eye and attention of old and young alike.  Of special note are the increasing number of ants as the story progresses, a feature that captured the attention of my granddaughter who enjoyed finding new ants as the pages turned.  Written for children ages 4-7,  And Then the Seed Grew is a unique look at germination and growth of a seed.


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