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Book Review: Bad Apple: A Story of Friendship

Bad AppleWhat does friendship mean? Edward Hemingway’s book, Bad Apple, explores the meaning of friendship, how we choose our friends, and how we stand up to peer pressure when others do not respect our choices. Written for children three to five years old, the theme of the book can be appreciated by people of all ages including adults.

An apple, Mac, is a good apple as he naps on green grass, bobs in the watering hole, and helps Granny Smith in art class. One day after a rain he meets Will, a bookworm, and they become friends, playing in the dirt, flying, and reading together. Unfortunately when Mac takes Will to the orchard his apple friends there don’t like his choice of a friend and call him names. Will leaves Mac, who is then heartbroken and searches for Will to reestablish their friendship because he would “rather be a Bad Apple with Will than a sad apple without him.”

The charming story line is simple but meaningful and a carries a good lesson for young children. The oil on canvas illustrations help to bring the story to life and are filled with nice little details that invite careful observation and add subtle meanings. A good choice for reading to either a class or an individual.

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