Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior by Jane Esselstyn and Ann Crile Esselstyn, is no ordinary vegan cookbook; it is an introduction to a way of living that is based on a diet of whole food, no meat, dairy, or added oil, and very little salt and sugar. Full of stories and anecdotes, the book shows how major health problems can be avoided or corrected with a plant based diet and includes many tips for living a long, active, vibrant life. Over 150 recipes for plant-based dishes are included.

The recipes are divided into 9 groups: breakfast, complements, sandwiches and soups, salads, tofu and tempeh additions, appetizers and sides, crackers and quick breads, bowls and handheld meals, and desserts. Each recipe begins with a personalized story and has a list of ingredients, quantity, and step by step directions in paragraph style. Sweetness is usually provided by maple syrup. No nutritional information or prep time is given but recipes that are especially heart-disease friendly are identified. Pictures of the finished dishes are usually clustered on a single page, so some are far from the actual recipe. Especially appealing and remarkable recipes include the salad dressings made without oil, collection of fruit salsas, and corn gazpacho but the baked falafel wrap, buffalo brussels, and seed and nut bark are delicious too.

Bursting with enthusiasm, Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior, makes a good case for embracing a plant-based diet. The synergy between mother and daughter is contagious and readers can easily feel they are part of the team, or alternatively, form their own. The recipes cover a wide variety of dishes and can become the backbone of a new way of eating.

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