Containers in the Garden by Danish floral designer, Claus Dalby, is a showcase for the unique potted gardens that the author produces with containers. Written like a garden journal, the book shows many of the seasonal gardens Dalby has created by densely packing a single plant species in a single pot and combining pots of different species with various textures and colors to produce eye catching displays. An abundance of photographs enhance the descriptions of plants and tips on how to combine them.

The book begins with brief information on containers, soil, growing plants from seed, planting the pots, watering and fertilizing, and the use of bulbs, dahlias, and perennials, but has little technical or “how to do” information. The author’s use of color and texture of both flowers and foliage is outstanding and the container gardens he creates for spring, summer, and fall are amazing. Containers in the Garden brings a strong artistic approach to container gardening and serves as an inspiration for a new way to enhance the landscape

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