Do you pick your beer based on your mood, food or occasion? Probably not, but after reading Mirella Amato’s book, Beerology, you might consider it. With the rise of craft beers the choice of brewing style can be overwelming but Amato demystifies the world of craft beers so that every beer lover can more fully appreciate what craft beer has to offer, Finally, the author suggests ways to share your new found knowledge with friends through various activities focusing on beer.

The introduction briefly explains the basic ingredients, brewing, packaging, storing, cellaring, serving, and tasting beer. Yes, you got that right, the way the beer is served is an important aspect of the pleasure it offers and Amato discusses the temperature, type of glass, and pouring techniques to achieve the perfect presentation. The second section of the book gives an overview of 62 different common beer styles available in North America with insight into each styles flavor and suggestions for how it is best enjoyed. To enhance comprehension, the beers are divided into 5 groups according to traits: refreshing, mellow, striking, captivating, and brews beyond.

The third part of the book is the most fun because it involves enjoying beer with friends and family. It suggests how to conduct beer tastings, pair beer with food, make beer cocktails, and entertain with beer. Learn how to combine beer with cheese or chocolate or make the cocktail, chocolate candy cane (chocaco for short) with dark rum, dark creme de cacao, creme de menthe, and stout, topped off with a candy cane garnish. A glossary, beer evaluation sheet for beer tasting, a flavor wheel, and visual reference charts comparing different beers styles are provided to aid your appreciation and sharing of the beer experience.

Author, Mirella Amato, is one of only seven Certified Master Cicerones (beer sommeliers) in the world. In her book, Beerology, she demonstrates the depth of her knowledge as well as her ability to present material in an upbeat, fun, easy to understand way. Her aim is the provide everyone with “the same basic understanding and appreciation for beer as they do for wine” and this book is a giant step towards that goal.

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