Christopher Vasey presents an introduction to the world of natural antibiotics with a background discussion on disease and antibiotics, profiles of 18 of the most important natural antibiotics, and treatments for 50 common infections using natural antibiotics. The background material includes a history of natural antibiotics, problems associated with pharmaceutical antibiotics, the nature of different kinds of disease producing organisms, and the body’s immune system. The profiles for the natural antibiotics are divided into 3 groups; essential oils, the mother tinctures, and “other”. Each entry considers the appearance, habitat, target microbes, and the general way in which the oil, tincture or other substance is used. The section on disease treatment covers ailments from cradle cap to shingles and is presented in groups based on the organ system to which each disease belongs i.e. digestive, urinary, respiratory etc. For each problem information is given on the symptoms, principle natural antibiotics, and 2 or more specific treatment plans featuring both an oral and topical dosage. Ending chapters deal wit detoxification and supplementation to maintain balance in the body, and the relationship between intestinal flora and infectious diseases.

Although author, Christopher Vasey, is a naturopathic physician specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation the book is written in an easy to read style without technical terminology. There are few references to scientific studies and no footnotes or bibliography. In addition, the organization of the book makes it easy to use and well suited for the layman interested in the fighting infections naturally.

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