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Book Review: Cannabis Jobs

With the increasing legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use, the cannabis industry is growing, offering many new job opportunities . In his book Cannabis Jobs, author Andrew Ward describes the many diverse employment options that go beyond cultivation and retail. As with any growth, change is inevitable and Ward considers the potential problems and challenges that may occur.

The potential careers available in the cannabis industry are similar to those in any American market and Ward examines many of them from marketing, IT, and financial services to processing, compliance, and healthcare. Using data gathered from individuals working in the various fields, he discusses salaries, present opportunities, and potential growth. Special attention is given to freelancing, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the problem of inclusion for woman and minorities.

If you are interested in going into the cannabis industry, Cannabis Jobs, provides helpful information on entry points into a field of interest, whether you already have skills or want to acquire them. The text is clearly written and covers a vast amount of material on the jobs now available in the cannabis industry as well as in the future with specific data cited on key points. Informative, educational, and eye-opening.

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