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Book Review: Fantastic Fabric Folding: Innovative Quilting Projects

Rebecca Wat’s book, Fantastic Fabric Folding, takes origami to a new level. Introduced from Japan, origami is traditionally the art of paper folding but Wat presents techniques to produce flowers as well as geometric shapes with fabric. Quilters can use the designs for quilts and crafters of all sorts can use them for home decorating, gift-wrapping, and embellishing clothing and accessories.

The text is organized around eight different designs. Each chapter presents detailed and illustrated directions for folding the design, and continues with directions for two or more projects using the design. The project directions include a list of materials, as well as details on cutting, folding, construction, everything you need to complete the project as shown. One of my favorite designs is the inside out flowers. These flowers consist of four three-dimensional folded petals against a square background to give the impression of an eight petaled flower. The flowers are used in two wall hanging projects and an embellished vest project. Beautiful!

Another chapter deals with polygon flowers and shows the reader how to make pentagons, hexagons, and octagons that can be used to make a variety of flowers such as morning glories, sunflowers, and gerberas. Templates are provided for both the polygons and the leaves to adorn the flowers made from the polygons. Six projects using the various kinds of polygon flowers are presented including wall hangings, a vest, and a pillow.

Wat uses many beautiful fabrics including batiks to make her flowers and projects and the result is a feast for the eyes. I am not a quilter but could not help but be inspired by both the designs and the projects. The directions are broken down into many steps each with a photograph to illustrate it and are clear and detailed. Some designs, however, are more difficult to do especially if you have no experience with origami or have difficulty translating a two dimensional photograph to a three dimensional object. Practice does wonders for skill in this endeavor and it pays to try all the designs before embarking on a project as the author recommends. Great book for inspiration and creating unique flowers for a variety of uses!

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