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Book Review: Finding Spring

Finding Spring BergerSpring is a beautiful time of year full of anticipation and promise. Carin Berger’s book, Finding Spring, takes a new look at this popular time of year by including winter in her tale. Written for children preschool to second grade, the story is charming and endearing, and captures the essence of spring. Colorful cut paper collages made by the author from recycled materials such as catalogs, letters, and old books enhance the text and add depth to the story with their rich colors and textures.

The story concerns the desire of a little bear named Maurice to find spring instead of hibernating for the winter with his mama. Too impatient to wait for spring, Maurice sets out to find spring and encounters his forest friends preparing for winter. Undaunted, he continues on his quest and finds snow that his mistakes for spring and brings back to his cave to show his mama. Sleep overcomes him and when he awakens his snow has melted but spring has arrived and he and his mama meet up with his friends to enjoy all that spring has to offer.

Delightfull story, beautiful illustrations, a great book!

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