Harvey the GardenerAs a gardener I get great pleasure out of planting seeds and watching them grow. What a wonderful activity to share with children and Lars Klinting’s book, Harvey the Gardener, lets you do it with a charming story. Written for children ages 3-5, the story details the process from planting to harvesting, and eating them. Follow through with a hands-on experience and perhaps there will be a gardener in the making.

Harvey and his friend Chip are beavers who live together. One day when they go grocery shopping they buy beans and Harvey decides to plant the beans. He and Chip gather up all the things they need, plant the seeds, and wait patiently for the plants to appear. Just when almost all hope has disappeared, the beans poke through the soil. The beans grow tall, flower, and produce pods full of beans. The beavers harvest the beans, cook them, and enjoy a delicious meal.

In clear simple language, each step in the process is described in detail and special instructions are given about careful watering. Appealing illustrations in soft colors show the equipment needed and how it was used. Through planning, cooperation, and patience the two friends accomplish their goal and enjoy the fruits of the labor. A delightful story with some very good messages.

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By Karen