Jack Prelutsky’s book, In Aunt Giraffe’s Green Garden’ is a celebration of fun experiences throughout the US plus Mexico.  Written for children ages 4-8, the author presents 28 poems set in cities, states, and scenic sites around the country, hoping with abandon from one coast to the other or in between , filling the scenes with the antics of endearing  people and animals.  A young girl, Casey, frolics in a fountain in Kanasas City, while a big blue goose and little green duck drive from Detroit to Tallahassee in a rusty truck.  The nonsensical poems  are catchy and are enhanced by watercolor  illustrations in soft tones.  Especially endearing are the animals who fill page after page with their delightful presence; I think of the goose wearing a silken shirt striped with white and red, playing a drum as he leads his honking  companions down a street in Toledo while everybody held their ears.  Yes,  this book is a silly, fun packed reading experience.

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By Karen