Linda Glaser’s book, It’s Summer, invites us to share a young girl’s thoughts and feelings as she enjoys the days of summer. She watches various animals engaged in their daily activities from dragonflies , ants, and spiders, to caterpillars, mosquitoes, and birds. She plays in the mud, goes to the beach, snacks on fresh fruits, and waters the flowers and vegetables in the garden. After a thunder storm darkens her day she enjoys the fresh clean air and rainbow that follows. After dinner she goes outside in the fading light and sees the bats and fireflies as they come out at night. A dropping yellow leaf and a crispness in the air signal the approaching end of summer and beginning of fall. Four pages of suggestions for summer activities conclude the work; included are directions for making a daisy or clover chain, starting a compost pile, and pressing flowers.

Written for children ages four to eight, the book has a lively text that includes rhyming words in an irregular manner that can sometimes be annoying. The paper-cut illustrations are outstanding for their bright saturated color and three-dimensional effect. A good choice for introducing young readers to the pleasures of summer.

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By Karen