Janie Havemeyers’s book, Marijuana Affecting Lives, explores the dangers associated with marijuana use through 4 case studies. Focusing on two teenagers and two adults, these case studies point out such consequences of marijuana use as poor performance in the classroom and sports, accidental overdosing with edibles, arrest and jail time for possession and intent to sell, and difficulty getting a job. In each case, the user receives help and guidance, and is able to break away from marijuana use. Fast facts about the nature of marijuana, its use, and mental and physical effects are included along with a glossary of terms, and thought questions.

Written for children aged 9-14, the book gives a good picture of the main problems associated with marijuana use and presents an optimistic outlook for solving the them. The case study approach is especially appealing because it arouses empathy in the reader by personalizing the experience and feelings of specific users. Both color, and black and white photographs accompany the text but don’t always follow the narrative well. As an adult, non-marijuana user, I found the book informative and well done but fear it would be a hard sell to the people that need it.

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