61sxN+UqPTL._AC_US174_In her book, Mediterranean Landscape Design, author Louisa Jones explores gardens and landscapes in France, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain to explore the relationship between man and nature in the Mediterranean area. The chosen areas are all site-specific and dynamic, and were created with a sense of place The work is organized around themes such as mountains, clipped greenery, and moderation, and each theme includes a visit to at least two different sites.

This is not a coffee table book featuring dozens of dazzling gardens. Rather it is a book presenting a thesis on the relationship of man and natural order. Through the sites presented in the book the author provides an awareness of the nature of the relationship between ancient and modern practices by choosing areas on the basis of their use of traditional materials and skills and how they reflect local climate, geology, flora, fauna and land use practices. This is a book to be studied for its content not just pushed around the coffee table.

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By Karen