Nuts to YouDo you enjoy watching squirrels as they scurry around? This charming book by Lois Ehlert explores the antics of a squirrel in the city. This furry critter delights the reader with its playful ways as he hops around potted plants , climbs up a brick wall, digs a tulip bulb in a window box, steals seeds from the bird feeders, and sneaks into an apartment through a tear in a window screen. But the squirrel must go and our narrator finds an easy way to lure him outside with thoughts of “Nuts to you!”

Written for preschoolers and children up to second grade, the book appeals on many levels. It has an easy rhyming text that helps young readers predict what is to come and can be used to teach about rhyming. The illustrations are full page and bold in design employing simple papercut shapes and intense colors. To add another dimension to the text, plants and animals are labeled and a section at the end called Squirrel Talk, gives interesting facts about squirrels. You learn, for example, that squirrels live all over the world except Madagascar and Australia, some are as small as mice, and they have four toes on their front feet. The cover, too, is great; a squirrel peering out of a real hole in a tree cut in the front cover of the book. Wonderful book for introducing little ones to squirrels and language arts.

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By Karen