On Fire is a collection of 16 long-form essays from Green New Deal advocate, Naomi Klein, setting out her reason why the economy has to be transformed to address the problems of both climate change and the issues of social and economic inequality at the same time.  In addition, she makes a case for why the Green New Deal is not as impractical or unrealistic as critics claim.  The essays are presented chronologically beginning with 2010 and include the date and a brief paragraph that sets the essay in context.  Topics include social justice, turning capitalism upside down, the dangers of geoengineering,  Pope Francis’s ‘Laudato si, and  BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.  In her epilogue, Klein presents 9 reasons why the Green New Deal has a fighting chance.  The text is written in a hard driving style that exudes the commitment that Klein has for her subject matter.  Whether you agree with her or not about the big picture, she has a lot to say and makes some good points.  The challenge for many will be to read the book with an open mind and gain a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the problem.

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By Karen