Plant Propagation AHSGardeners interested in increasing their plants will find this book a treasure trove of information. It includes everything you need to know about plant propagation from a general overview to details on specific kinds of plants. The book provides the reader with numerous choices so you can pick a reliable method of reproduction or try a more unusual or advanced one. Common garden plants from trees and shrubs, to annuals, perennials, and vegetables, are detailed so that you can reproduce just about any plant that you want to grow.

A general introduction to plant propagation gives a brief history of techniques past and present and shows how propagation techniques relate to natural plant reproduction. Common problems of propagated material are considered and practical information is provided on tools, equipment, and growing media. The information is exhaustive and thorough and covers everything from botany lessons on fruits and plant storage organs, to dibblers and propagator’s greenhouses.

The bulk of the book is organized by plant type such as trees, shrubs, cacti and other succulents, perennials, annuals, and vegetables. Basic techniques specific to the plant type are given, followed by details on individual plants arranged in alphabetical order. For each plant, the reader learns such things as how to collect seeds, the best times to take cuttings, the relative merits of various propagation techniques, and care of young plants. The text focuses on the aspects of propagation that are unique to the featured plant so that readers can maximize their success rate. Information is provided for over 1,500 individual plants accompanied by over 1,800 photographs and illustrations clarifying and expanding the information provided in the text.

Whether you are a professional horticulturalist or gardening enthusiast this book is a great asset as a reference book in a garden library. The text is clear and concise and the directions easy to follow. The numerous illustrations and photographs answer questions before they arise. Using the book ensures that the reader gets the basic concepts as well as the details for specific plants, resulting in a rewarding experience propagating plants.
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By Karen