There is nothing new about growing plant in raised beds but Simon Akeroyd’s book, Raised Bed Gardening, takes a fresh look at the subject and brings together ideas from many sources.  Whether you want a flower garden, vegetable garden, or lawn, Akeroyd shows you how you can do it with one of 15 kinds of raised bed. He also includes raised bed gardens for rooftops, with ponds, and as a mini orchard.

The book is divided into three sections.  The first gives instructions for building raised beds and includes information on building materials, site location, and planting schemes.  The second section delves into the different kinds of raised beds from “prefabs”  to hugelkultur.  The third section, and my favorite, is full of ideas to help you choose the kind and style of raised bed garden that will meet your needs and nourish you inner spirit.  Here you will find tips for planning, planting, and maintaining a variety of raised bed gardens from a fernery and knot garden ones designed with dining or children in mind.  Even if you don’t find your ideal garden the many suggestion given in this section will provide food for thought and help you design your own special place.


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By Karen