Written for teens and young adults, Opioid Abuse, introduces readers to the opioid epidemic by considering four major issues involved:  the effectiveness of opioids to treat chronic pain, the cause of the opioid epidemic, the efficacy of prescription regulation to deter their use, and the use of medical marijuana as an alternative.  The book is part of the Thinking Critically series from Reference Point Press that introduces students to current complex issues with the aim of teaching them to become discerning readers, to think independently, and to develop and use critical thinking skills.

Each of the four chapters of the book deals with a single issue of opioi abuse and presents the arguments for and against it.  Focus questions are provided to guide the reading, details and evidence are given from case studies, quotes, and statistics , and the major points of each side of the issue are summed up in an inset.  End sections of the book sums up opioid abuse facts and provide books and Internet sources for further research.

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By Karen