In her book Singing Crickets, author Linda Glaser introduces readers to the life cycle of field crickets. She begins when Papa cricket rubs his musical wings to attract Mama cricket and ends with his male offspring starting the cycle over again. We learn how crickets lay eggs, hear, molt, and flee from predators, and see eggs turn into larvae, and then adults. The emphasis is on the singing of the crickets with the author making the point that male crickets can sing only after they have molted for the last time and grow wings that they rub together to produce the singing sound.

The text is accompanied by lovely illustrations in soft colors that show the crickets in detail and in all sorts of amusing poses. The rhythmic text is written in a lively upbeat way with occasional rhyming and repetition. Two pages of information about crickets for adults conclude the work and offer that will entertain adults as well as children. Written for preschoolers through kindergarten, Singing Crickets is a fun introduction to these interesting insects.

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By Karen