The Cannabis Encyclopedia by Jorge Cervantes (aka George Van Patten) is an exhaustive treatment of marijuana culture and uses. Cervantes is known for his expertise in growing marijuana and his book , Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible, is used as a text book at universities. It is not surprising, therefore, that this encyclopedia focuses on growing cannabis, touching other topics more lightly and in varying detail.

The introductory chapters describe the history, measurement of cannabinoids, and strains of cannabis. The bulk of the book presents an incredible amount of detailed information on how to grow cannabis from germination to harvest, drying and curing. Readers learn about the life cycle of cannabis, transplanting, cloning, pruning, handling both female and male flowers, and the design and construction of garden rooms and greenhouses, as well as the establishment of an outdoor garden. Detailed information is provided on organic practices to maintain the sanctuary, regulate water, air, and light, manage soil fertility with nutrients and additives, choose suitable containers, use of hydroponics, manage diseases and pests, and carry out effective breeding programs. Chapters on making concentrates and tinctures, and cooking with medicinal cannabis complete the text along with an appendix of abbreviations used in the book and a history of the author’s cannabis career.

As a guide to growing marijuana this book sets a high bar. The comprehensive text provides extensive information for newbies as well as experienced growers covering all aspects of cannabis culture, Written in an easy, conversational style the text is enhanced with over 2,000 color illustrations and numerous charts that complement and supplement the content. You could learn a lot about the subject just looking at the illustrations! For people wanting to grow the marijuana, this is a great choice.

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By Karen