The Ultimate Guide to GardeningWhether you are an experienced gardener or a novice having a new garden project is fun and can generate enthusiasm for everyone involved. Lisa J. Amstutz ‘ book, The Ultimate Guide to Gardening, is filled with a big variety of projects that are appealing to adults and children alike. Many of the projects are also educational and offer opportunities to teach children plants as well as enjoy their beauty.

The projects are organized into four groups: Edible Gardening, Indoor Gardening, Creative Gardening, and Enchanted Gardening. The Edible Gardening group includes ideas for growing micro greens, a lettuce tower of soda bottles, and growing plants from vegetable scraps while the group Indoor Gardening has directions for forcing bulbs, creating a garden in a book, and an air garden. The Creative Garden group lives up to its name with directions for a Japanese string garden, and a grass hedgehog in a water bottle (super cute). If you want to create a fanciful garden check out the fourth group with is directions for a fairy garden, a critter garden, and a gnome home. One of my favorite projects in the is a little house for a fairy garden made from a milk carton; absolutely adorable!

Each entry includes an informative introduction to the projects , a list of materials and tools, step by step instructions, and photographs of the finished projects . The materials are easy to find, and inexpensive. Insets provide ideas for alternate plans or plants, botanical information, safety tips, and recipes for using the plants in the projects. Chapters on basic gardening techniques and on potential plant problems round out the work. A great resource for perking up the gardening year with projects.

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By Karen