There are few problems that are worse for gardeners than dirty finger nails and rough hands. Most garden chores end up with hands in the soil or picking up plant debris. I hate to think how many times I have come out of the garden with hands hurting and nails broken and grimy. But none of this is necessary. All it takes is some soap under the nails and a good pair of gloves to solve the problem.

Ethel gloves offer a great way to keep hands smooth, safe, and attractive. They are made of a durable material with spandex and have a rubberized grip. With two-way stretch they fit well so you can do intricate tasks without taking them off. The palms and fingertips are reinforced with a tough synthetic material and the cuffs are extra long and snug around the wrist to keep dirt out. When the gloves get dirty pitch them in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. Ethel gloves come in several different patterns including a red hounds tooth, paisley, and snake skin. Quite spiffy! Sizes run small, medium and large.

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By Karen