This trowel, made especially for transplanting, features a long narrow blade that is gently curved and pointed at the tip. Some transplanters blades have two sharp edges, while others may have one serrated edge. In addition, some blades may have marking that indicated the distance from the tip in inches. The blade is usually of a metal such as steel alloy, stainless steel, or aluminum. The handles may be of wood or metal, and may include various safety features such as finger guard and thumb rest. Some handles are especially designed for comfort and easy of handling. Photo Credit Amazon

The long narrow blade with its pointed tip allows it to easily slips into small spaces and extract one plant without damage to others. The blade goes deeply into the soil to capture long roots thereby keeping the root mass in tact and the curve of the blade allows you to scoop and move soil as you move the plant from one place to another. A depth gauge on the blade aids in spacing plants as well as planting bulbs. The edges of the blade, especially when serrated, lets the tool double as a weeder as it can be used to cut through roots of unwanted plants. Since comfort is as important and function, pick up and hold a trowel to see how it feels in your hand before buying it.

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