Although called a weeder trowel, this garden tool has several features that make it especially good for several garden tasks. It has a narrow blade that is smooth on one side and serrated on the other. There are notches at the tip of the blade and on one side just beneath the handle. Markings on the blade indicate 1,2,3 and 4 inches from the tip. The illustrated weeder is only one of several styles, for example, some are narrower, others have two serrated edges, and handles differ widely. Photo Credit Amazon

The narrowness of the blade with its calibrations make it ideal for digging hole for bulbs. Used as a weeder, the edges of the blade can be used to cut or saw through the roots of weeds, but are equally useful for dividing perennials. The notched tip is good for extracting taproots of weeds and the hook on one side of the handle can be used to cut twine, stray branches, or roots growing out of the bottom of a pot. And when you get thirsty after an afternoon of gardening, the side notch can be used to open a cold drink.

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