Roses are can make a fine hedge when you want to restrict the movement of people from one area to another. Many floribundas and some shrub roses can be planted close together to create an attractive, colorful, and thorny hedge. You can clip them to keep them in bounds but they look better when they are allowed some freedom to create an informal look, perfect for many situations. In general, they will make a medium sized hedge from 3-6 feet tall depending on the cultivar and the climate. Although very attractive from spring to fall, they will drop their leaves for winter and create a very different looking hedge.

Here are five floribunda roses that make good hedges and are highly rated by the American Rose Society. They all produce roses throughout the summer and into fall and are hardy to zones 5 or 6 depending on the cultivar.

Crimson flowers are borne profusely in flat-toped clusters of 10-30. Bushes have dark green glossy leaves and are vigorous and generally healthy although susceptible to mildew.

    Bush Size: 2.7’ H x 2.7’ W
    Flower Size: 2.4”
    Flowering: Repeats well
    Hardiness: Zone 5
    ARS Rating: 8.4

‘Iceberg’ (‘Schneewittchen’)
One of the most widely grown and popular roses in the world, ‘Iceberg’ is a virtual flower machine and blooms 12 months of the year in warm climates like Southern California. Pink tinted buds open to pure white double flowers that last for days. Flowers are produced in clusters of 3-15 on bushy, vigorous plants with pale, shiny leaves. It is prone to blackspot in wet climates.

    Bush Size: 4’9’ H x 3.9’ W
    Flower Size: 2.8”
    Flowering: Continuous
    Hardiness: Zone 5
    ARS Rating: 8.4

‘Living Easy’ (‘Fellowship’)
Pale to dark orange flowers are cupped to flat and slightly ruffled, with a sweet fruity fragrance. They are produced in clusters of 3-7 on upright, well-branches bushes bearing mid-green, glossy leaves and lots of prickles.

    Bush Size: 3-5’ H x 2-6’ W
    Flower Size: 4”
    Flowering: Repeats quickly and well
    Hardiness: Zone 6
    ARS Rating: 8.1

‘Sexy Rexy’
The name belies the romantic beauty of this camellia like rose. The rose pink flowers have darker backs and paler edges. They open almost flat and are borne in clusters of 5-15 on strong straight stems. They have a long vase life and are good as cut flowers. Dark leaves are healthy.

    Bush Size: 2.5’ H x 3’ W
    Flower Size: 2.8”
    Flowering: Begins later than most; repeats
    Hardiness: Zone 6
    ARS Rating: 8.6

‘Sunsprite’ (Friesia)
Medium yellow flowers have red anthers and are born singly or in clusters of 3-7. They are very fragrant and last a long time on the bush without fading. The compact plant is vigorous and bushy, with dark green glossy leaves.

    Bush Size: 2.7 ‘ H x 2.7’ W
    Flower Size: 3.1
    Flowering: Starts early and repeats
    Hardiness: Zone 5
    ARS Rating: 8.4

These five floribundas were chosen for the overall high quality as indicated by the American Rose Society rating as well as the suitability for a hedge. One from each major color group was included to provide a choice that would suit any garden. There are many more roses that could be selected but these are easy to find as well as beautiful and popular.

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By Karen