M standardRose standards can add color, verticality and structure to a any garden. Many different kinds of roses can used for making standards and miniature roses are especially desirable because they can provide both small flowers that create a delicate look on the bush and small leaves to enhance the effect. Climbing miniatures can also offer a relaxed habit that is desirable for weeping standards.

The five miniature roses described below offer small leaves as well as relaxed habit so that the resulting standards avoid the stiff, disproportionate look created when other roses such as hybrid teas or floribundas are used. They all repeat well and give a good show during the season. Some of these may be sold as patio or ground cover roses.

‘Jeanne Lajoie’
m jeanne-lajoie-2A climbing minature, ‘Jeanne Lajoie’ is floriferous with clusters of tent to forty mid-pink flowers fading to white. New leaves are red before turning dark green.

Origin: Sima, US, 1975
Parentage: (‘Casa Blanca’ x ‘Khordes’)
Flower Size: 1.6”
Petal Count: 40
Scent: Little or none
Flowering: Continuous
Plant Size: 6-9’ H x 3-6’ W
Hardiness: Zones 5-8
ARS Rating: 8.9

‘Pheasant’ (aka Heidesommer)
M HeidesonnerOften sold as a ground cover rose, ‘Pheasant’ bears clusters of five to twenty five fragrant cream colored flowers that quickly fade to white. Lax habit and lots of small, dark, shiny leaves.
Origin: Kordes, Germany, 1985
Parentage: ‘The Fairy’ x seedling
Flower Size: 2.4”
Petal Count: 35
Scent: Strong, sweet
Flowering: Continuous
Plant Size: 2-3’ H x 3-10’ W
Hardiness: Zones 6-10
ARS Rating: Not listed

‘Rosalie Coral’
M Rosalie Coral2A climbing miniature often sold as a patio climber,’ Rosalie Coral’ is covered with clusters of three to eight orange flowers with yellow eyes. The abundant leaves are small, dark green, and shiny.
Origin: Warner, Britain, 1991
Parentage: (‘Elizabeth of Glamis’ x [Galway Bay’ x ‘Sutter’s Gold’ ]) x Anna Ford

Flower Size: 1.6
Petal Count: 27
Scent: Light, fruity
Flowering: Repeats well
Plant Size: 5′ to 6’ H x 3-4’ W
Hardiness: Zones 6-9
ARS Rating: Not listed

Considered a ground cover by some, a shrub rose or miniature rose by others, M Swany‘Swany’ has a lax habit and small, dark, glossy, evergreen leaves. The white flowers are carried in clusters of five to twenty and are full of petals.

Origin: Meilland, France, 1978
Parentage: Rosa sempervirens hybrid x ‘Mlle. Marthe Carron’
Flower Size: 1.2
Petal Count: 95
Scent: Light, musky
Flowering: Repeats
Plant Size: 16″- 30″ H x 31″ to 6-7’ W
Hardiness: Zones 6
ARS Rating: Insufficient data for rating

“Warm Welcome’
m Warm WelcomeThis climbing miniature has clusters of five to thirty bright orange flowers and small leaves that are crimson before turning dark green.

Origin: Warner, Britain, 1991
Parentage: (Elizabeth of Glamis’ x [‘Galway Bay’ x ‘Sutter’s Gold’]) x Anna Ford
Flower Size:
Petal Count:9
Flowering:Repeats well
Plant Size: 6′- 7′ H x 31″ to 3′ W
Hardiness: Zones 6-9
ARS Rating: 7.5

By Karen