Elf finished productMaking Christmas ornaments is a lot of fun especially when shared with children. This quick simple ornament uses easy to find materials and can be done by young children once the materials are prepared by an adult. Pretty hanging on the Christmas tree, this adorable elf is also a nice adornment for a present. They are so quick and inexpensive you can make several to use for children, grandchildren or friends.

From top to bottom green felt hat, arms, body-legs


    Small amount of chartreuse green felt (about 6” x 4”)
    Scrap of red felt
    Sweet gum ball, wooden bead or similar round object
    Pipe cleaner (1” square)
    12” thin green ribbon


    White tracing paper
    Felt pen
    Scissors (craft for paper cutting, fabric or felt cutting)
    Craft glue
    Needle and green thread to match green felt (optional)
    Drill( if sour gum ball used for head)


1. If a gum ball is used for the head, drill a hole entirely through the ball.

2. Trace the two body parts and hat from the picture of the materials and cut from green felt. Cut two “berries’ of red felt, small enough to fit on one of the leaves forming the body.

3. Insert the pipe cleaner into the hole in the gum ball or wooden bead.
Elf head c pipe cl

4. Loop up one end of the pipe cleaner and place the two leaf parts that will form the arms, body and legs of the elf into the loop.

elf attaching body parts

5. Push the free end of the pipe cleaner up through the hole in the gum ball or bead.  Pull the pipe cleaner tight, twist the ends and separate them.

elf body attached pipe cl back thru

6. Place the loop of green ribbon between the them. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to secure the ribbon and trim. Tie the ends of the ribbon in a knot to form a loop.

Elf head body ribbon attached

7. Wrap the hat around the head and glue or stitch in place.

Elf except berries

8. Glue the red felt berries on one of the leaves in a row.

Elf finished product

Garden Creafts Pointer

By Karen