Love lies bleeding

Amaranths are annuals or short term perennials and belong to the Amaranthaceae family that also includes spinach, celosia, and quinoa.  Three species, love lie bleeding (A. caudatus), Joseph’s coat (A.  tricolor ) and prince’s feather (A. hypochondriacus ) are cultivated as garden plants, several are cultivated as “grains”, but most are weeds. The generic name, Amaranthus, is from the Greek words, amarantos meaning unfading and anthos meaning flower, referring to the long lasting nature of the dried flower heads.



Meaning in the Language of Flowers: Immortality



His love was an eternal plant, were of

The root was fix’d in virtue’s ground.   Shaks.


They sin who tell us love can die’

With life all other passions fly,

All others are but vanity.

in heaven ambition cannot dwell,

Nor avarice in the vaulats of hell;

Eartly these passions of the earth,

They perish where they have their birth:

But love is indestructible.   Anon.


The lily’s hue, the rose’s dye,The kindling lustre of an eye;

Who but owns their magic sway!

Who knows they all decay!

The tender thrill, the pitying tear,

The generous purpose, noble dear,

The gentle look, that rage disarms-

These are all immortal charms.   Burns

The Language of Flowers: Introduction

By Karen