The long slender stems topped with delicate white flowers punctuated with a purple spot belie the rugged origins of this relative of gladiolus. A native of  eastern Africa, peacock lily comes from the mountains where is basks in the sun in grassy meadows that are dotted with rocks.   Its fan of sword-shaped leaves and spikes of white, 1-2″ wide fragrant flowers enhances the garden from spring until fall.   Peackcock lily likes fertile soil and nestles right into a border but can be lost unless planted in groups of 10 or more and backed by a dark leafed plant like the canna ‘Wyoming’ with is dark bronze-red foliage. Peacock lily also does well in containers; place them where their pleasant fragrance can be enjoyed. The flowers are also useful in arrangements and have a long vase life when placed in floral preservative.

Type: Perennial corm

Height: 2-3′

Bloom Color: White with purple center

Bloom Time: Late summer into fall

Light: Full sun

Soil: Fertile,  consistently moist, well drained.

USDA Hardiness: Zones 7-9

Photo Credit Peter Forster Wikipedia

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By Karen