rose-in-potRoses that you buy in pots are easily planted any time of year, although spring is best. I always generally  follow the directions given by rose nurseries such as Heaven Scent in North Carolina or Roses Unlimited in South Carolina because they are easy and practical.

Select a Site: Roses like…
– at least 6 hours of sun. Morning sun is generally preferable to afternoon sun. Some roses like Albas and Noisettes, will tolerate less sun but many (hybrid teas, floribundas), will not produce top quality blooms.
-good drainage (roses do not tolerate wet feet)
-good air circulation (close packed plants lead to disease such as black spot)
-no competition with tree roots (trees hog water leaving the roses with a loss)

Good Soil: Prepare the soil….
-dig a hole at least 18″ (for 1 gal) 24″ (for 2 gal) deep and wide
-make a soil mixture of:

1/3 part compost
1/3 part peat moss
1/3 part good garden soil (from the hole if possible)
(if dealing with red clay use ¼ red clay and ¼ each of the above)


1 cup superphospate
1 cup dolomitic lime
2 cups alfalfa meal or pellets
1 cup gypsum if you are dealing with clay

-Refill the hole with about 10 inches of the above mixture.
-Cut away the pot or carefully slip the roses out of the pot.
-Put the rose with the soil from the pot into the prepared hole.
-Refill the hole with the soil that you have prepared making sure that the bush is at the same level in the hole that it was in the pot.
-Water the bush by letting a hose run on it gently for 10-15 minutes or whatever it takes to water it deeply. You want the roots to grow as down as far as possible so that they can provide the plant with water even in droughty times.
-Water deeply every 4-5 days for the first growing season.

Rose pointer

By Karen