Mister Lincoln bushRoses that are good for cutting should have good form and color and be carried on fairly long stems that are neither too stiff nor too flexible. Fragrance, size of bloom and long vase life may also be important. If you intend to include the plant in a rose garden or mixed border the frequency of flowering, and the appearance of the foliage are also significant.

Here are five of the best red hybrid teas for the vase that will also do well in the garden.

Opening night‘Opening Night’
The bright crimson red flowers open from almost black buds and have a flat or high centered form. The plants are very floriferous and have leaves that are crimson at first but are dark, glossy green when mature. Healthy, and vigorous, ‘Opening Night” won the AARS award in 1998.

Flower Size: 5.5
Number of Petals: 25-35
Fragrance: Light, sweet
Flowering: Repeats well
Size of Bush:4-6’ H x 3-4’ W
Hardiness: Zone 5

MrLincoln‘Mister Lincoln’
Known for its fabulous color and scent, ‘Mister Lincoln’ has been a favorite for many years. The roses are elegant and conical, the petals, crimson, thick and slow to unravel. When the bloom is open it is darker at the outside and brighter around the stamens in the center. The foliage is dark red when young; the bush is vigorous but susceptible to blackspot. Winner of AARS 1965.

Flower Size:5.5”
Number of Petals: 26-40
Fragrance: Strong, sweet
Flowering: Repeats well
Size of Bush: 4-6’ H x 3-4’ W
Hardiness: Zone 6

Ingrid Bergman‘Ingrid Bergman’
Long elegant dark red buds open to pure dark red, fully double flowers with high centers. The dark green leaves are shiny and crimson when young. Plants are vigorous and healthy. ‘Ingrid Bergman’ on MareGM 1986Gldeoe of e gu 1, nd BefasM 15.

Flower Size: 3.9”
Number of Petals: 30-35
Fragrance: Medium, sweet
Flowering: Repeats well
Size of Bush: 24-39” H x 24-26” W
Hardiness: Zone 5

‘Mme. Louis Laperriere’
Mme Louis LaaperrierThe dark crimson flowers of ‘Mme.Louis Laperriere’ are not known for their size but have outstanding fragrance and are produced in abundance. The leaves are small and mid-green.

Flower Size: 3.9”
Number of Petals: 45
Fragrance: Very strong, sweet
Flowering: Repeats
Size of Bush: 2’ H x 2” W
Hardiness: Zone 6

Loving memory‘Loving Memory’
Also known as ‘Burgun 81’, ‘Loving memory’ has near black conical buds that slowly unravel until the outer petals are slightly reflexed. The bright red inner petals contrast nicely with the darker crimson outer ones. Once the flower is fully open it looses its shape and becomes a mass of petals. The plant is bushy and carries dark green healthy leaves.

Flower Size: 4.7-5”
Number of Petals:26-40
Fragrance: Mild
Flowering: Repeats well
Size of Bush: 3-5’ H x 2.7’ W
Hardiness: Zone 6

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By Karen