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Rose Garden Themes: Beverages- Liqueurs



There are many liqueurs but there only a few roses named for them. There are even fewer roses that are readily available but I could not resist including two that are hard to find, ‘Drambuie’ named for one of my favorite drinks, or ‘Cognac’, named for a classic liqueur. Brandy seems to have been a favorite rose name and is combined with fruits such as plums and cherries, but I included only ‘Peach Brandy’ because it seemed to be more readily available.

unisexually ‘Amaretto’
Type: Large-flowered climber
Origin: Germany, 1994
Color: Cream with light pink center
Petal Number: Double (17-25)
Scent: Moderate, fruity
Comments: Being tested by the American Rose Society

http://city-made.com/2010/03/26/350/ ‘Brandy’
Type: Hybrid tea
Origin: US, 1981
Color: Apricot or apricot blend
Petal Number: 25-30
Scent: Mild, sweet, tea
Comments: All American Rose Selection

Type: Floribunda
Origin: Germany, 1956
Color: Apricot or apricot blend
Petal Number: NA
Scent: NA

Type: Hybrid tea
Origin: France, 1957
Color: Dark red
Petal Number: Double (17-25)
Scent: Mild

Type: Hybrid tea
Origin: Scotland, 1973
Color: Red blend
Petal Number: NA
Scent: Strong

‘Peach Brandy’
Type: Miniature
Origin: US, 1978
Color: Apricot or apricot blend
Petal Number: 23
Scent: Strong
Comments: ARS rating 7.3

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