Native to the woodlands of China, this deciduous shrub is a member of the Thymelaeaceae, a plant family that also includes Daphne. It grows up to 6′ tall and wide, is well branched, and has narrow leaves 3-5″ long, green above with gray-green undersides, and covered with white silky hairs when young. From late winter to early spring, before the leaves emerge, round clusters of up to 40 apetalous tubular flowers appear from silvery buds set in late summer. The flowerheads are 2″ across, have a gardenia-like scent, and give way to a dry one-seeded fruit. In some Asian cultures the bark is used to make a quality paper. Chinse paperbush does well in a container and is a good choice for woodland, shade, and fragrance gardens. The genus name, Edgeworthia, honors Michael Pakenham Edgeworth (1812-1881), Irish botanist, and his half sister Maria Edgeworth (1768-1849.) The specific epithet, chrysantha, comes from the Greek words χρῡσός (khrūsós) meaning gold, and ἄνθος (anthos) meaning flower. Photo Credit UltraH Wikimedia Commons


Type: Flowering deciduous shrub

Outstanding Feature: Flowers-fragrance and early bloom time

Form: Rounded

Growth Rate: Slow to moderate

Bloom: Round clusters of yellow fragrant flowers from late winter to early spring

Size: 4-6′ H x 4-6′ W

Light: Part shade to full sun

Soil: Humus rich, medium moist, well-drained

Hardiness: Zones 7-10

Care: Low maintenance

Pests and Diseases: None of significance

Propagation: Division, root cuttings, semi-ripe nodal stem-tip cuttings

Outstanding Selection: ‘Spring Bouquet’

Photo Credit: Roozitaa Wikimedia Commons

By Karen