Champagne FluteSparkling wine makes an everyday event special so champagne is a wonderful drink to lift the spirts and make an occasion memorable. My dear paternal grandmother, Helen S. Wright, in her book Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines, includes may recipes for making champagne from a variety of raw material from raw cider to rhubarb, and currants, but also includes a recipe for a champagne cup using commercially produced champagne. If you Google champagne cup recipes you will see an assortment of ways you can use champagne for a festive drink so maybe dear Grandmother was on to something almost 100 years ago.

Here is the recipe for Champagne Cup in Grandmother’s words”

To two ounces of powdered loaf sugar, put the juice of one lemon pared thin; pour over these a large glass of dry sherry, and let it stand for an hour; then add one bottle of sparkling champagne and one bottle of soda water, a thin slice of fresh cucumber with the rind on, a sprig of borage, or balm, and pour on blocks of clear ice.

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By Karen