Plums may be one of the first fruits domesticated so it is no wonder that they have been used to make wine. If you buy a bottle of plum wine, however, you are likely to be surprised because it will probably be a liquor made from a Japanese plum and bear little resemblance to wine. My paternal grandmother, Helen S. Wright, included a recipe for plum wine in her 1907 book, Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wine, but it is difficult to say what kind of plum beverage it actually is. Photo Credit Wikipedi

In the words of my grandmother:

“Take five pounds of Malaga raisins, pick, rub, and shred them, and put them into a tub. then take one gallon of water, boil it an hour, and let it stand till it is blood-warm; then put it to your raisins. Let it stand nine or ten days, stirring it once or twice a day; strain out your liquor, and mix it with one pint of damson juice. Put it in a vessel, and when it has done working stop it close; at four or five months bottle it.

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By Karen