BLACKBERRIESTaken from the pages of my grandmother’s book, Old time recipes for Home Made Wines, published in 1909, this blackberry wine recipe is one of four that my paternal Grandmother Wright collected from friends and acquaintances on the Eastern seaboard. She comments that “the following is said to be an excellent recipe for the manufacture of a superior wine from blackberries”, while the other three have no comment on their quality.

In the words of my grandmother:

“Measure your berries, and bruise them; to every gallon, add one quart of boiling water. Let the mixture stand twenty-four hours, stirring occasionally; then strain off the liquor into a cask, to every gallon adding two pounds of sugar. Cork tight and let stand till the following October, and you will have wine ready for use, without any further straining or boiling, that will make lips smack, as they never smacked under similar influence before.”

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By Karen