Frontignac is a grape of ancient Greek origin that produces a white wine that may be fragrant, strongly perfumed and deliver intense floral, perfume, rose water, and spice tastes and aromas. The wine may be sweet or dry and varies in color from light gold to deeper yellows and golds. My paternal grandmother, Helen S. Wright, included a recipe for a raisin wine in her 1907 book Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines. Grandmother had a total of 5 recpies for raisin wine in her book but this is the only one that reportedly resembles Frontignac. Photo Credit Wikipedia

In the words of my grandmother:

For every gallon of wine required allow two pounds of raisins: boil them one hour in water. Strain the boiling liquor on loaf sugar, two pounds for every gallon; stir it well together. When cool put it in the cask with a moderate quantity of yeast (as last article). When the fermentation subsides, suspend in the cask a muslin bag containing elder-flowers, in the proportion of one quart to three gallons of wine. When perfectly clear, draw off the wine into bottles.

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By Karen